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~ Golden Hands Story ~

White planet is a state of mind; the state of absolute creativity. But, what does this really mean? Exemplified by my attempts to draw a perfect line, no matter how many times I try, I cannot perfect the line until the moment that I let myself go and step into the white wilderness.This moment symbolises the point where one is no longer bothered by the exact nature of the artwork. It is the point where the spontaneity gives enough for the design to be valuable... to be continued

Unity of the everything

Dust And Universe Philosophy

Impressed by the universe, man is trying to understand it by creating of ultimate artwork, through the creation he will realize that his potential is unlimited as well as the universe.

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"In the known part of the universe, there are at least a thousand billion galaxies and each one has the same number of stars. Every tenth star has a planetary system. Every fortiethsystem has at least one potentially habitable planet. There are at least two and a half trillion such planets (billions of billions)."

"Use of the hands was crucial to the evolutionary origin of man. Using the heands as a tools man started walking upright and thus differentiated from other species. From this fact we can conclude that with his work and efforts man will continue to exceed themselves until perhaps one day he discovers his purpose in the universe."

Prof. Dr. Goran Todorovic and OneEssentials

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