Antarctica Cooler
Design & Shell Modeling - Complete industrial design process

In addition to unique product in the aesthetic sense, our design makes the basis for further tools design. For Antarctica Cooler, beside design, we created a 3D model of the entire assembly of parts as preparation for tools making. Thanks to the experience in mass production, before even development of the design sketch, we think about functional aspect of our designs.

Luna Bin design image

Sketching and planning


During rough sketch, except brainstorming, planning of 3D modeling and engineering is also performed. Ideas that win are those which except looking good are also the most suitable for the production.

Luna Bin design image

3D sketching

Development Of Selected Idea

At this stage we define the shape and position of all parts. This preliminary render as well as its renders are presented to the client. After preliminary design is accepted, development of the final model starts.

Luna Bin design image

Definition and analysis of the model

Production Of The Final 3D Model

The final 3D model implies defined all dimensions, wall thickness, extraction angles from tools, technical details, the radius on all edges... Only after detailed analysis of the complete assembly of all parts, the model is forwarded to toolmakers.

Construction and manufacture of tools


After we finish final 3D model, we forward it to molds manufacturers. Then mold constructors performing potential technical adjustments on model and for each part make particular male and female side of the mold (core & cavity), the inflow system (Moldflow system), cooling system... After that programs for CNC machines for parts technology processing are written. Later, after making parts, thermal processing and polishing is performed. This particular mold set was constructed and producted by InMold.

First injection molding circle


After the first round of the plastic injection process, we have first model test series. After checking this series, the production process can be launched.


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