Milos Ilic and Stevan Todorovic
Founders of OneEssentials and White Planet

~ Genesis of Synergy ~

Joint artistic evolution they have began to build since college days. Later, continue their cooperatatio on projects for gigantic companies in one of the world most awarded design studios. Altohught, they started and learned at best studio for industrial design, they deicided to continue thier artistic careers on their own. Mutual understanding and feeling for aesthetic brings them to the idea of ​​a joint project called "Oneessentials". By building their own identity in the aesthetic and functional expression they come to the most diverse projects. In cooperation with many manufacturers OneEssentials executed over 100 products that are sold throughout the world in millions of copies. Their primary inspiration is found in bionic forms that nature has shaped over millions years...

Milos Ilic image

Designer And Founder Of OneEssentials

Milos Ilic

In the World filled with information, through various aspects of artistic expression I attempt to prevent uncontrollability of influences. The struggle with myself, as well as art, allows me to be closer to myself, and, thus, with God.

Designer And Founder Of OneEssentials

Stevan Todorovic

In order to create beauty, a man must be able to constantly see beauty in everything and to capture the essence as ultimate inspiration. From the World surrounding him, an artist gathers energy needed for inspiration; however, through creation, he releases equivalent amount of energy. This exchange of energy makes artist inseparable from the outside World.



Oneesentials gathers carefully selected creative professionals from the creative and technical fields. As well we are open for cooperation with anyone willing to express his sensibility through new ideas. We are looking for new talented people as we are searching for new inspirations. You are welcome in OneEssentials.

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