Luna Bin Surfaces
Fusion Of Subtle Details

As well as the basic form of household products, discrete details of these items make them different from other categories. In the case of Luna Bin, this was achieved by symmetrical bionic details which flow in the same direction as shape of the lid, while at the same time underlining and giving an additional touch. These details give the lid an aerodynamic look which coordinates with the rotation, which is the primary technical function of the product.

Luna Bin design image

Precise 3D Modeling


Although the position and the basic shape of the model is determined in hand-sketches, their final shape and depth is obtained in 3D model. A basic surface is modeled first, and then the details come. At the very end, we curve all edges as sharp corners are not desirable on the outside surface of plastic products due to functional and aesthetic reasons.

Luna Bin design image

Realistic Rendering

Simulation Of Details Effectiveness

During rendering phase, clients can see the effectiveness of the details and get to know about its functionality, if they are not familiar with the matter. In photo-realistic render, authors as well, can see their idea in its full glory and verify what they want to achieve. Usually, at this stage is discussed together with the client about the colors in which the product will be displayed, as with a correspondingly color, a detail come more to the fore.

Luna Bin design image
Luna Bin design image

From sketch to consumers

Creating Recognizable Brand

After a few months, the product is on the shelves. The original discrete details will extract product from competition in the eyes of consumers. In addition, the repetition of similar details to entire product series creates a recognizable brand.

Project: Luna Bin / Client: Drina / Year: 2013

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