Raptor Waterwalker
World and Yacht - Creation of an original form

Underwater creatures imposed as a great inspiration for the vessels design, because of their often sleek and hydrodynamic shape. A sublimation of several different forms of underwater predators whose combined view is changed beyond recognition, served us for the yacht design inspiration. Derived Raptor Waterwalker look provides entirely new form that is not tied to any particular specie, but it is associated with their innate mobility and strength. That's how we search and acquire the essence of nature and life into our designs.

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Shape Research

Sketching And Inspiration

Raptor Waterwalker yacht was created with the idea to combine multifunctionality, luxury, and speed. Inspired by bionic design, it synthesizes a natural motive with the concept of futuristic design. The main feature of Raptor Waterwalker yacht is the innovative synthetic plate covering the hull. It is inspired by shark skin and its tooth - like structures (dermal denticles) that have already been applied in the production of swimming suits. Its uniqueness carved over millions of years permits an exceptional hydrodynamics and prevents accumulation of algae and other marine organisms.

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Interior design

Floor Plan Design

The main deck features a control desk, living area, kitchen, and a spa tub, while the accommodation level contains three cabins each with a bathroom, and an engine room. The main deck has a unique feature of movable glass ceiling. Normally it covers the whole deck which creates a visual effect of a compact design and speed. However, when desired and weather permitted, the ceiling can be removed leaving the deck in the open.

Raptor Appearance

Forms and Details


All glass surfaces contain filters against UV rays in their microstructure. At the same time, they possess bifunctional photosensitive cells: they obscure the glasses if the sun light is too bright, and they accumulate energy sufficient for minor electric devices on the vessel.

Final Result

Elegance & Simplicity

Raptor Waterwalker is a 100 feet long yacht powered by two hydrogen engines. With its main and accommodation deck it satisfies the needs of 6 to 8 person crew. As described, Raptor Waterwalker falls into the category of Powerboat Design.

Project: Raptor Waterwalker / Year: 2007

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