Sandwich Box Functional Aesthetics
Rationale but Effective

Simple and elegant detail applied in the right way, except aesthetic purpose can bring a significant multifunctional role. Carefully planned technical design of this product allows for a very rational production, as three box sizes can be made of only two different plastic parts. Below you will discover how these components are combined.

Luna Bin design image

Aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics

Ergonomic Details

Symmetrical details on the box beside contributing to bionic appearance, also allow stability of the forms and have ergonomic role. Since Sandwich box is the product that is often carried, details are placed so to make it easier and safer for catching.

Simple solution for many variations


There are three box sizes. A big one consists of two identical large parts, a small one consists of two identical small parts, while a medium is created by combining large and small parts. Large and small parts come in different colors, so there are numerous combinations. There is also an option for one part to be transparent, so the content of the box can be visible. By fitting the parts one into another, the space can be saved at their disposal.

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